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Xirect has an incredible wealth of industry and IT experience, which we leverage in developing applications for network marketing companies. Our talented team has created a broad offering of online solutions and tools, which allow our clients, along with their distributors and customers to truly manage their business and experience the success they desire.



Xirect is continually expanding its product offerings with solutions that enrich and complement our existing software portfolio. We offer a wide range of services to help you plan, deploy, and optimize the value of your software investment. We offer customized software, mobile solutions, resources augmentation, web services...providing solutions according to your needs.


Why Xirect?

xirect your perfect partner
The Xirect offering was designed and built using an extremely flexible Cloud architecture that gives us a huge competitive advantage!. We have eliminated Redundancy, Scalability, and Reliability concerns that most providers really struggle with. This allows us to create and deploy highly customizable, robust applications without the hassle of managing infrastructure. When necessary, we can bring up servers in Microsoft datacenters almost anywhere in the world in hours.
Xirect’s robust Commission Engine is unequaled. Streamlined development process (for every kind of compensation plan). Comprehensive auditing tools for in-depth analysis prior to committing results to the field. Commissions Data Modeling Tools provide powerful, fast analytics for evaluating potential changes to plan.
The Xirect modular offering allows clients to choose our full, integrated solution or individual modules, which can be integrated independently of the full suite, thus allowing them to select best of breed. So, whether you’re in need of Core modules, Complementary modules, or our full offering – we have what you need!.
As a company, having control over the branding messages that get delivered to and used by thousands of distributors is both a proactive sales decision and protection as a responsible business partner. Replicated Websites, Promotions, Banner Management, Events, Email Templates, Alerts etc.
Upon founding the company, our primary objective was putting together an All-Star lineup - industry super-stars who fully understand our unique business model and what it takes to succeed. Experience on the Client-side as well as the Software Provider-side was critical. We know what issues you face on a daily basis and how to overcome them!.
Xirect is a global company and uniquely positioned to take advantage of the global economy - something we understand well. Working closely with international clients and markets is a huge priority for us. We currently have four offices but are considering further expansion to meet our international needs.


kind words from Xirect users

There are a number of things I really appreciate about Xirect: #1, they thoroughly take the time to understand our business (from top to bottom) then they make their technology adapt to what we want to do. #2 is how they approach our projects. They ask a lot of questions… have you thought about this? Have you thought about that? Which is extremely helpful because we want to run really fast and sometimes get a little ahead of ourselves but Xirect brings additional perspective and they don’t let us shoot ourselves in the foot. Another thing I really appreciate is Xirect’s incredibly flexible solutions. Whether you’re using a mobile device, an iPad, or desktop, the technology scales and works really well on all platforms.

Noah Westerland
COO at Engage Global

Our association with Xirect has proven to be a true partnership! They are with us every step of the way. Our previous provider, although substantial in size, severely limited us as a company due to their old architecture and inability to move quickly. Xirect’s platform is the best available, we’ve never experienced any downtime and they are incredibly responsive in addressing all of our software needs. They are continually exceeding our expectations! Having been through other transitions we were shocked at how smoothly the transition and data migration went with Xirect! With Xirect, our software and technology is in great hands!.

Steve Davis
VP of IT at ASEA

The international expansion of Keynaut has led us to make the decision to change our software, we look at many options by deciding on Xirect. Now both we and our distributors have a tool of great quality that make it superior to other software of the same nature, allowing us to streamline management and increase sales. From the first moment they offered us all the facilities, support and cooperation possible. "We want to thank the entire Xirect team for their excellent work, highly recommended."

Jaume Peñataro & Joaquín Baena
Keynaut Founders



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Founder and CTO

Verney Quiroz, Xirect’s founder and current CTO, has been a very...



Ron Heaps helped establish and grow Xirect from the very beginning and his...



Ken Carlson is a visionary leader who is flourishing in his role as President of Xirect. A...



Brian Corpron, Xirect’s COO, has proven to be the ultimate IT and Operations Professional...

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Xirect is committed to furthering its brand and establishing a strong presence in Europe. Xirect was a proud exhibitor at the World Congress 2017 event held in Paris for all European direct selling companies, which followed serving as a Gold Sponsor at the previous (Seldia) European Direct Selling Conference that was held in Brussels.

Sep 20, 2017


KEYNAUT was born from the ilusion and dreams of two businessmen, Joaquín Baena and Jaume Peñataro, after a long career of successes they opened market in Europe and the Middle East, integrating the services of XIRECT as a specialist partner in Network Marketing solutions.

APR 20, 2018


Xirect recently helped ASEA open the Taiwan market as a full-functioning market in their own language, currency, and using all Taiwan specific requirements, which includes meeting government requisites for mandated receipts, and all necessary API integrations.

APR 10, 2018


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